Music Ministry


Hymns are too theologically sound to not sing

Contemporary songs are great. Well some are. Something they lack though is theology sometimes. Theology in our singing is important. Another reason we still sing from the hymn book is that we feel our church culture today has embraced an entertainment mentality. Some go to church to see who has the best band or the best singers. Or who has the best stage design. They want to be entertained rather than worship the God of the universe. When you are looking at a hymn book you are not looking at the person on the stage. Singing from the hymn book together takes the pressure off to entertain you. It is not about us when we sing or how talented we are, It's about how great our God is.

In Addition To Congregational Singing

We have very talented musicians and singers in our church. We even have song writers. We do special songs that will edify the church.